Lenspire by Zeiss interviews Jose Luis Bernal about his work on the «RAPA» tv show

Jose Luis Bernal, AEC about shooting “Rapa” with ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses

Available on Movistar Plus+, the Spanish crime series «Rapa» takes place in the raw landscapes of Galicia. Written and produced by the same team that created «Hierro» (2019-2021), a two-season show settled in the Canary Islands, «Rapa» was shot with ZEISS Supreme Prime Radiance lenses by the same cinematographer, Jose Luis Bernal, AEC, who kindly answered a few questions about his work on the windy cliffs of Galicia.

How did you work with the natural light?

In «Rapa» we had some interior locations that looked out over the landscape through large windows showing us the beauty of Cedeira and its surroundings. I did not want to lose those this view and…

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